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Asco Lotus International Travel is a leading tour operator in South East Asia, registered in Hong Kong since 1995.

Asco Lotus International Travel operates directly its branch offices in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, assuring a constant and precise control of the provided services, together with the ability to create very unique products combining the most interesting features of two or more different travel destinations.

ASCO operates in the tourism sector since 1995, relying on the long term experience of its experts and organization staff. In these sixteen years we became a standard for tourism and travel in Indochina, especially for FITS and groups of large numbers of people. We are also proud to have acquired an excellent reputation for Incentive Travel and MICE activities thanks the fantasy and creativity we use to make our tours unique, paying extreme attention to details and choosing only hospitality services and high quality facilities.


Why Cambodia:

Where the Mekong splits into the Tien Giang and the Bassac rivers before giving rise to an immense delta, and the Tonle Sap merges with the Mekong,  you will find one of the loveliest French-built cities in Indochina  Phnom Penh, once own as the “Pearl of Asia”.   The golden towers of the Royal Palace remind us of the luxurious capital of the once colonial era, whilst in the austere rooms of the National Museum one can marvel at the ancient sculptural masterpieces crafted by the Khmers, founders of empires.   This illustrious beauty obscures the memory of the tragic Khmer Rouge regime, the former-jail S21 remains as the only evidence of that inconceivable period.
National roads emanating from the capital, Phnom Penh, to all the cardinal points of the country, make this this city the true gateway to Cambodia.
Then there is Angkor, an archaeological marvel that tells of a civilization that was the heart of an immense city in a bygone era.   In its heyday Angkor drew hundreds of thousands of people to live in the surrounding areas creating rice fields, orchards and plantations, all benefitting from a maze of canals and waterways designed with engineering perfection by the Khmers to bring water to the basins surrounding the temples.
For many, Cambodia is only the enchanting and stupendous Angkor, but this country has more to offer.  In the south you will find pristine beaches off the Gulf of Siam.  Even more picturesque are  the vast untouched plains that surround the river and the Great Lake, remnants of the true and rare Asia that is hard to find.


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