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Elcotour is a Swiss-Brazilian company that specialises in Brazilian travel. A company with 30 years of trading behind them they hold loyal partnerships with local hotels and tour management to give you an authentic Brazilian experience. Elcotour has a professional and well-trained team of energetic creative personalities, all with different strengths and aptitudes which we bring to the workplace to make one formidable team that is also fluent in Portuguese, German, English, Italian, French, Dutch, and Spanish.

It is this diversity that is the impetus behind them designing innovative and creative incentive programmes for their clients, constantly challenging the boundaries of what is possible and exciting.

Supported by a solid financial structure Elcotour has no bounds


Why Brazil?

If there ever was a country that offered you a dynamic, energetic and overall vibrant visit, Brazil is it. Once called the ‘sleeping giant’ due to years of untapped tourism and underused economic potential, it’s fast becoming a favourite tourist and business destination.

From its renowned beaches and dense tropical forests, to diverse wildlife it offers travellers more than rest and relaxation. Known for its flamboyant nature and positive approach to life, Brazil is a country that can only truly be experienced fully. Culturally diverse owing to its rich history, the people are friendly and welcoming making your visit a comfortable and pleasant one.

Brazil boasts one of the largest Carnival celebrations in the world in an event that lights up Rio and brings an intensity of colour and effervescency that is hard to find anywhere else. This energy isn’t limited to just that week, however, and Rio’s allure carries on well into the year making Brazil a perfect destination at any date.

The famous samba reverberates through the mega-cities and colonial towns creating a pulse that shakes the very core of your being. There is hardly a moment when you are not experiencing the full magnificence of the slow and heavy Afro-Brazilian drumbeats. In the words of Charles de Gaulle ‘Brazil is the country of the future and always will be’

Brazil, no longer the sleeping giant, but rather the país do futuro (country of the future) awaits.


Luana Dux

General Manager


Avenida das Américas, 3500
Bloco 04 Sala 111
Barra da Tijuca
Cep 22640-102
Rio de Janeiro


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Tel: (+55 21) 3385- 0000

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